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What is it?

It is a contest open to all, where traditional wooden bellyboards are ridden in the surf Read more >

Where is it held?

The contest takes place at Chapel Porth in Cornwall in the U.K.
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The next WBBC?

The contest takes place annually in early September. Read more >

take part?

Online entry is now closed. Read more >

Hello, you've reached the home of the World Bellyboard Championships

On the following pages you will find all you need to know about our beloved event and a glimpse into its glorious 13 year history.

We are observing a fallow year in 2016 to allow time for the waves to reform and the sand to replenish and all involved to have a little rest. So the pilgrimage down the hill into the timeless valley of Chapel Porth and the gathering in celebration of the World Bellyboard Championships is on hold for now.

Check back soon to see what the future holds for this great event which showcases the very best in prone wooden construction surf craft, vintage swimwear, artwork, stories, mastery and disastery of wave riding prowess.

See our New for 2016 page to learn about ‘The Fallow Year’ and our virtual champs.

Organised and hosted by National Trust the event is attended by enthusiasts and curious onlookers in their hundreds, as well as brave wave riders of all ages and abilities. Bill Makin, NT General Manager who looks after this stunning north coast location says "We have always been delighted to welcome visitors old and new to take part in this unique event at one of the most beautiful beaches in Cornwall (and therefore the world !) The Trust's sensitive management of Chapel Porth for close to 60 years has allowed it to retain the raw unspoilt beauty that has attracted ply riders since the early days of the sport. However, after much thought and consideration we have decided to take a break in 2016 to allow our small team to concentrate on several large conservation and access projects. We hope to be back in 2017, but will continue to welcome and support bellyboarders at Chapel Porth throughout the coming year."

Cheers !!

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